Cleaning & resealing

Correct maintenance of concrete can be cost-saving in the long term and add value to your property

It's inevitable that after some years, even well-laid concrete will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Although some people may be tempted to leave the concrete as is, on the basis that it will cost too much to replace, the reality is that cleaning and resealing can transform your concrete to its former glory for a fraction of the price which a replacement would cost.

Cleaning and resealing initially involves a deep clean to rid the concrete surface of grime, followed by resealing with a waterproof, UV-resistant layer that protects the concrete from weathering, as well as providing an appealing finish. The process is rapid and the products dry quickly, minimizing the time you can't have access to your surfaces.

If cleaning and resealing is undertaken every few years, the life of your concrete can be extended almost indefinitely. In addition, a clean and reseal can significantly enhance the visual appeal and therefore value of your property.

Here at Cube Concreting, we also offer oil stain removal services for those tough surfaces that may have been stained with paint or other products. This process involves using a industrial chemical-strength degreaser and is best left to our professional and friendly staff.

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