Concrete saw cutting

One of the many unique pieces of equipment Cube Concreting uses to deliver its’ premier surfaces

A good way to prolong the life of your concrete and a must on any new project, is to have a concrete saw. This tool is responsible for cutting the drying concrete in order to create a number of carefully spaced joints. The joints are used to minimize the risk of the concrete cracking in a random manner, as the joints allow the concrete the space needed to contract without fracture.

When we start a new project, we always make sure that concrete saw cutting is undertaken, in order to ensure the new concrete surface will survive with minimal shrinkage. Our concrete saw cutting involves the use of cutting-edge equipment that showcases some of the most modern technology available. We are able to complete saw cutting jobs of many different types – just get in touch with details of the issue you've got and our team will be happy to find you the best solution.

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