Two-tone slate impression

Concrete finished with a detailed slate patterning to provide a durable and cost-effective alternative to slate surfaces

If you like the idea of a slate driveway or patio but are put off by the cost, lack of durability and difficulty in installation which slate presents, why not opt for two-tone stamped slate impression concrete?

This surfacing is constructed by laying concrete, then covering it with a detailed slate pattern, making it difficult to distinguish whether you've laid concrete or slate. The pattern printed onto the concrete is extremely hard wearing, ensuring your new concrete installation will maintain a quality finish for as long as possible.

We offer a variety of different stamped patterns, enabling householders to pick one that's as close as possible to the look they desire or even browse for inspiration. Ideal for locations that you want to make as appealing as possible, stamped slate also works well on any driveway or walkway where a strong, durable surface is required. Easy to clean and maintain, our slate impression two-tone is available in a selection of different colours.

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